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Welcome to 

 * Selah Veterinary Hospital has been keeping pets healthy and happy for over 40 years!

* Voted one of the top 3 veterinary clinics in the Yakima Valley by the Yakima Herald Readers Choice Awards numerous years in a row for the last 8 years.

* AT THIS TIME, WE ARE CURRENTLY NOT ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS - We apologize for this, but we feel we must focus on our current client and patient family at this time

Closed until further notice....
See the updates section below for more information.


151 McGonagle Rd.

Selah, WA 98942

Telephone Number:  509-697-6111

Fax Number: 509-697-8191


Monday - Friday

9:00AM - 1:00PM

2:00PM - 5:30PM

No doctors on Thursdays after 1PM

Reception is still open from 2PM-5:30PM on Thursdays

**We will stop check-ins for office visits on average between 3 & 4PM depending on current wait times.

**Lunch from 1:00-2:00PM - No Doctors Available - check-ins before lunch will stop 30-120 minutes prior depending on wait times.


Closed Saturday - Sunday

We no longer accept checks !


For after hours emergencies contact:

Yakima Valley Pet Emergency at

(509) 452-4138

Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency Service at

(509) 547-3577

Logo Image for Care Credit - a form of payment that Selah Veterinary Hospital accepts
Visa and Mastercard Logo - forms of payment that Selah Veterinary Hospital accepts
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                   Closed until further notice...               


****Update 10/17/2023 - Unfortunately at this time we still do not know exactly when we will be able to open. We are getting ever so close to being able to open again. Work flow in the clinic clean up has been good lately, and hopefully they will start on finish work next week. If things continue to go well, we hope to be able to open in 3-4 weeks.


You may or may not have heard that Selah Veterinary Hospital suffered a devastating fire on the evening of Friday July 21st.

The first completely gutted the rear half of the clinic, and caused severe secondaryheat and smoke damage to the rest of the building.

At this time, it is completely unknown when we will be able to resume service.

There is a chance in the coming weeks that we may be able to open a temporary facility, but even with this, we will be very limited on what we can offer.

The fire completely destroyed all of our vital equipment and supplies.

We understand that this tragedy has affected not only us, but all of our clients and patients as well.

We truly hope and pray we can all get through this as smoothly and quickly as possible


Thank you for all of your support and prayers,

Jess Yeary, DVM (Dr. Jess)   






Regular exams help our veterinarians to monitor changes in your pet's health and gives us the opportunity to identify and manage any possible problems early on. We are equipped to handle most of your emergent needs.



Microchips are one of the easiest safety measures you can have done in case your pet happens to get lost or stolen. Microchips may also act as a very strong proof of ownership in such cases.



Vaccines are crucial to ensuring your pet - and you - are protected. We make vaccine decisions based on the latest science and your pet's risk profile to ensure adequate vaccination - but not too much.



From spays and neuters, to more complex abdominal or orthopedic procedures, our compassionate staff and skilled veterinarians work hard to ensure each pet gets the best of care possible - while being monitored with top-of-the-line anesthesia equipment.



Keeping your pet's teeth clean is not just about 'fresh breath'. It is key to preventing serious illness as well - such as periodontitis, bacterial infection, mouth pain, and heart disease.



Our in-house laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to give our veterinarians the answers to your pet's health concerns quickly. This includes blood screenings, complete blood counts, urinalysis, internal parasite screens, and more....




When your pet is sick or injured, we are equipped with top-of-the-line digital radiographs (x-rays) and ultrasound for quick images and quality care. Especially important in those instances where time is important in making quick medical decisions.



Selah Veterinary Hospital will guide you through the tough end-of-life decisions so your pet can be pain free, and pass with comfort and dignity. Whether through hospice care or humane euthanasia. We also offer remembrance services such as clay paw prints, and cremation.

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