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Welcome to 

 * Selah Veterinary Hospital has been keeping pets healthy and happy for over 40 years!

* Voted one of the top 3 veterinary clinics in the Yakima Valley by the Yakima Herald Readers Choice Awards numerous years in a row for the last 8 years.

Selah Vet is now partially reopen....
See the updates section below for more information
We are now accepting applications for potential new clients, Please see the information below on how to apply


151 McGonagle Rd.

Selah, WA 98942

Telephone Number:  509-697-6111

Fax Number: 509-697-8191


Monday - Friday

9:00AM - 1:00PM

2:00PM - 5:30PM

No doctors on Thursdays after 1PM

Reception is still open from 2PM-5:30PM on Thursdays

**We will stop check-ins for office visits on average between 3 & 4PM depending on current wait times.

**Lunch from 1:00-2:00PM - No Doctors Available - check-ins before lunch will stop 30-120 minutes prior depending on wait times.


Closed Saturday - Sunday

We no longer accept checks !


For after hours emergencies contact:

Yakima Valley Pet Emergency at

(509) 452-4138

Mid-Columbia Pet Emergency Service at

(509) 547-3577

Logo Image for Care Credit - a form of payment that Selah Veterinary Hospital accepts
Visa and Mastercard Logo - forms of payment that Selah Veterinary Hospital accepts
Back ground photo behind text - Image is of the outside of Selah Veterinary Hospital


      Potential New Clients:      
At this time we will accept applications for potential new clients. What does this mean? 

 We are working on an application that will be added onto our website, but until then... 

 To apply as a potential new client - we need you to email us at and  tell us a bit about yourself and your pets. We ask that you take the time to tell us why  you do want to be a client at Selah Vet - why are you looking to move from your current  vet?   

 Then, have your current vet records sent to us at as well. (we must  receive full vet records including all doctors notes and such)   

 We will then review everything and reach out to let you know if  you welcome you to  join the Selah Vet family. Placing an application does not necessarily mean acceptance  as a new client. If you are in good standing  with your current vet, there should be no issues though.    

 FYI - We ask that you understand that Selah Vet is not like most of the other local vet  clinics - we are walk-in for our clients. This means that some days can be busier with  longer wait times than others. It is first come, first serve with most visits - but there are  a few reasons others could be bumped ahead (emergency, euthanasia, tech vaccine  booster, nail trim, etc). AND, we can only do so much, so fast. If you arrive late in the afternoon and there is a wait/busy day, we could possibly not be able to see your pet until the next day. We also have a strict behavior policy - we do not allow mistreatment of staff, cursing, derogatory remarks towards staff, or threats of any kind.   


*January 2024 

Veterinary Hospital Updates - Partially Open Protocols and Services


To Our Dear Clients and Patients,


We are so happy to announce that we are finally able to partially reopen! We will have normal staffing, but we will be working in about half the space. Unfortunately, the expected time of completion for the rest of the building is about 7 to 10 months from now. To combat the lack of space, we do have to change our normal protocols and services offered at this time. A breakdown of the changes to services follows below and on the back. As the hospital is finished, these services may change at varying points in time so please follow our website ( and/or our Facebook page.


Check-in and check-out will be in the lobby as usual. To help with efficiency, PRIOR TO YOUR VISIT, please have all records from other clinics emailed to us at This will help us better serve you by allowing us to know what has been going on with your pet since July.


We will be operating as curbside. Meaning…. You will wait in your vehicle. NO ONE will be allowed to wait in the reception area. Our veterinary technicians and/or assistants will be phoning and meeting you at the front door to bring your pet inside. You may not come with your pet for the exam. After the exam – the doctor will either phone you, meet you outside, or call you into one of our limited exam rooms to speak to you.


Please understand that wait times may be increased, especially initially as we work out any kinks in the system. This is a reminder to please be kind to our staff. They are helping you to the best of their ability with what we have available at this time.


We are so excited to be able to open and serve the community again!


Selah Veterinary Hospital


Surgeries and dentals:

Due to limited kennel and surgical space, elective surgeries are being postponed. Elective surgeries include routine spays, neuters, and dental cleaning appointments. Emergency surgeries will still be available on a limited basis. We will not start setting appointments for elective surgeries and dentals until the entire building is completed.

Check in times:

Considering that there will be no scheduled surgeries, there will be no early check in. Check-in will start at 9am, rather than 8am. We are still walk-in only. Once the clinic is back to normal services and pet occupancy capacity, we will adjust this accordingly.

Lobby and Payment:

Due to the temporary location of the radiograph (x-ray) machine at this time, the lobby will be used only for check-in/check-out, as a thoroughfare for access to Rooms 1 and 2, and to communicate with the receptionists.  We request you stay in your car/outside while we perform a curbside visit. We will call you into a room if indicated, otherwise, please refrain from coming into the lobby until it is time to pay your bill. Under normal circumstances, we have no problem with you catching up with our wonderful receptionists, especially after this huge event, but please limit your time in the lobby.

Leaving while waiting:

Unlike previous protocol, you will be able to leave the premises without losing your spot in line, as long as you are back and in the parking lot prior to being called for your pet’s visit. However, if you are not on the premises when you are called, you will lose your spot in line and will have to get back in line upon your return. This will be strict - we will not accept ‘I’m just 5 minutes away.’ Please check-in to be added back to the list once you have arrived back in the parking lot. This is due to the limited restroom options and the possibly long wait times as we catch up on all vaccine and annual examination visits. This protocol will be revisited as the hospital’s building is completed.


Since we cannot have people waiting in the lobby and given the location of the one indoor restroom, there will be no access to the indoor restroom for the public at this time. There will be a portapotty available in the parking area for use by the public. Also, during this time, you can leave to find a restroom elsewhere as long as you are back prior to being called for your pet’s visit.

Sick Patients:

Sick patients can still be triaged as needed, and there will be the emergency fee for dogs and cats that triage as a true emergency. PLEASE LET US KNOW IF YOU FEEL YOUR PET POSSIBLY NEEDS EMERGENT CARE. Since we do not have an isolation room due to construction, we cannot hospitalize patients with contagious diseases including those with parvovirus. We will also not be able to hospitalize as many sick patients due to limited kennel spaces. It will come down to the first come, first serve policy. Once we are out of kennel space, we will have to either redirect patients to another facility immediately, or after working up the patient, refer to another facility for further treatment or hospitalization depending on what is the best for the patient at triage or examination. An emergency constitutes what is an actual emergency based on technician triage – you cannot just pay the emergency fee to skip the line because you feel your pet is worse than the others.

Exam rooms:

For urgent and emergent visits, we will still offer to discuss findings and recommendations in the exam rooms. However, as previously stated, the lobby is not to be used for waiting for exam/visit due to the location of the radiograph machine and other temporary construction issues. You must wait out in your vehicle. So please, when you are called, listen to the caller so you know exactly what to do or what room to head into.


Euthanasia will still have the option to be in an exam room. If you need help getting into the clinic, please let us know at check in so that we can quickly move through the lobby. Please realize that euthanasia visits do have preference in the lineup, but do not include an examination by the doctor. If you would like an examination/evaluation, please let our receptionists know so that we can prepare appropriately. However, having an exam done first will mean you must wait in the line like everyone else (first come, first served).

Hours / Expected and Unexpected Closures:

Our goal is to keep the same doctor’s hours (Monday through Wednesday and Friday  9am to 5:30pm, Thursday 9am to 1pm). However due to construction, we may or may not have a heads up on loss of power, water, and/or heat/AC. Any condition that could be considered unsafe for employees and/or patients will result in the closure of the hospital until we are safe to work again. Please monitor our website ( and/or Facebook page for updates. The clinic could have to close randomly and unexpectedly at any time, and possibly for multiple days.

Doctor Visits and Tech Visits:

Until the hospital can operate at normal capacity, visits will be curbside. To help catch up with vaccine visits, we will be offering Technician Visits that will have no exam charge, only the vaccines. Doctor Visits, even for vaccines, will have an exam fee and will include a concise, general examination. If there are any health concerns for your pet, please let the receptionists know so that a doctor examines the patient when the patient is brought back. This will allow us to more efficiently provide proper care and overall, there will be less confusion during this curbside process.






Regular exams help our veterinarians to monitor changes in your pet's health and gives us the opportunity to identify and manage any possible problems early on. We are equipped to handle most of your emergent needs.



Microchips are one of the easiest safety measures you can have done in case your pet happens to get lost or stolen. Microchips may also act as a very strong proof of ownership in such cases.



Vaccines are crucial to ensuring your pet - and you - are protected. We make vaccine decisions based on the latest science and your pet's risk profile to ensure adequate vaccination - but not too much.



From spays and neuters, to more complex abdominal or orthopedic procedures, our compassionate staff and skilled veterinarians work hard to ensure each pet gets the best of care possible - while being monitored with top-of-the-line anesthesia equipment.



Keeping your pet's teeth clean is not just about 'fresh breath'. It is key to preventing serious illness as well - such as periodontitis, bacterial infection, mouth pain, and heart disease.



Our in-house laboratory is equipped with the latest technology to give our veterinarians the answers to your pet's health concerns quickly. This includes blood screenings, complete blood counts, urinalysis, internal parasite screens, and more....




When your pet is sick or injured, we are equipped with top-of-the-line digital radiographs (x-rays) and ultrasound for quick images and quality care. Especially important in those instances where time is important in making quick medical decisions.



Selah Veterinary Hospital will guide you through the tough end-of-life decisions so your pet can be pain free, and pass with comfort and dignity. Whether through hospice care or humane euthanasia. We also offer remembrance services such as clay paw prints, and cremation.

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